The opportunity for the financial industry

The buzz around Robo-Advisory and Blockchain is amazing. Robo-Advisories have been predicted to manage as much as $2.2 trillion assets by 2020, and Blockchain is said to bring about a revolution in the financial industry – some have even said it will be the new Internet. The main question there for you is that how could you utilize all the new technologies to turn the opportunities into profits?

Roboblock is a set of tools to enable the industry to distribute knowhow (advice) and transactions. It enables companies to outsource asset management operations partly or fully, while still having the transparent control and audit trail of everything. For the counterparty it provides an opportunity for setting up additional distribution channels for their services, while they can retain focus on what they are best at. Both can benefit from a full scale Know Your Customer process, pass-boarding wealth and advice, integrated trade order management, and digital compliance.

Who can benefit from Roboblock?

  • Robo-Advisories can integrate easily to best-in-class asset managers worldwide.
  • Family Offices (Single and Multi) and Institutional Investors can get full transparency from mandates and store transactions and other data in their own platform.
  • Independent Financial Advisors can respond to regulatory requirements such as MiFID II while still retaining a focus on their core business. In practice this means securely and transparently outsourcing portfolio management to selected partner(s).
  • Portfolio and Fund Managers can benefit from Roboblock technology by setting up a variety of different sales channels for their portfolio management services.
  • Management Companies can streamline their Pre- and Post-Trade Compliance.
  • Counterparties gain an opportunity to act as a distribution channel without a general ledger in between.

What can I achieve with Roboblock?

  • Concentrate on your core business
  • Outsource functions securely while retaining the full control and transparency
  • Distribute financial advice and investment related data via APIs
  • No need for general ledger – no costs related to the general ledger
  • Get the full potential out of your partnerships and network
  • Increased agility and efficiency