This article provides you with assisting questions for planning your future strategic direction with digitalisation and Roboblock.

1. Digital Strategy

– Do you have a digital strategy?
– What are your client segment’s expectations?
– Are you ready for increasing expectations of client access to advice?
– Do you have a digital & distribution strategy for your advisory knowhow?
– Is your management information and key performance indicators in line with your digital strategy?

2. Competitive realities

– With both emerging and well established companies providing digital advice, how critical is it for your organisation?
– How critical is it for your business and stakeholders to get the advice in real time to respond to rapidly changing market movements?
– How well do you understand your client segment needs and the digital advice as a marketplace?
– How you will differentiate your digital advice offering?
– Are you considering outsourcing advice?

3. Investing approach

– Do you have the ambition and knowhow to leverage advice from traditional Equity/Fixed Income approach?
– Can your company’s asset management expertise be leveraged by creating competitive and differentiated portfolio advice?
– What is the approach to passive and active investing philosophy?
– Are you promoting your company’s ability to select winning funds, equities, Fixed Income products or your ability to determine the appropriate asset allocation for clients?

4. Products and services offering

– What products and solutions you offer now? What products and solutions you will offer in the future?
– What is the advice related to; asset allocation, sector exposure, top picks or more?
– What capabilities do you need to automate in investment management and trading processes?
– What is your product strategy approach? Is your competitive edge in low cost approach or in value-add services to your clients?

5. Cultural capabilities and pass-boarding

– Are you an agile growth company or a traditional bank?
– Is your business multi-cultural? Can you manage multi-country processes like taxation?
– How is the co-operation with your business partners?
– Can you manage your stakeholders and clients with your current business processes?
– How integrated are your banking, brokerage and advice operations?

6. Stakeholder opportunities

– Who are your stakeholders?
– What are the roles of your stakeholders?
– Do you understand Roboblock as a distribution channel?
– To who you can add more value: new potential clients or existing ones? Can you add more value to your older, more valued clients?

7. Partnership opportunities

– What potential partners and clients do you have that could work with Roboblock?
– Are you ready to white label your advice? Will you cannibalise something in your business?
– How will you evaluate the options of Roboblock?

8. Future of your wealth management

– Can you access new markets with Roboblock?
– Does Roboblock give you business opportunities that you would miss without it?
– Can you get new partners and clients with Roboblock?
– Can you establish a new distribution channel by Roboblock?