What does the Roboblock solution means in practice for Independent Financial Advisor Investium and Asset Manager JAM Advisors?

The Independent Financial Advisor Investium is seeking to expand its business to asset management services due to business opportunities and regulation (MiFID II). They do not want to hire their own portfolio managers nor investment strategists. Instead they decide to outsource these operations to Asset Manager JAM Advisors, including portfolio management, middle office and back office functions. However, Investium need to have full transparency and audit trail in their own system. As the operations are heavily regulated, Investium must also guarantee their own business continuity. These requirements can be fulfilled by the Roboblock technology.

Furthermore, Investium is able to do consolidated reporting to their end clients, where the outsourced discretionary asset management is seen as one portfolio of total client assets. The solution is delivered as a service in a private cloud where information change between platforms happens by secure messaging.

The platform and connectivity incorporates the data, securities, transactions, portfolios and model strategies, and process functionality both at Investium and JAM Advisors. Roboblock spans the complete investment process, transparency and audit trail, including:
– Cash transactions
– Portfolio Construction & Modelling
– Trade Execution
– Investment & Risk Monitoring
– Investment Valuation & Reconciliation

The Roboblock uniquely fuses three key capabilities to deliver a turnkey web-based solution:
1. Distribution of knowhow (advice) and transactions via API’s without any cost related to the general ledger.
2. Rich software functionality spanning broad investment analytics on both side.
3. A fundamental set of API’s to mirror data such as securities, transactions and portfolios.